Understanding Insurance Terminology

Understanding Insurance Terminology

Top Discounts You May Qualify For With Your Auto Insurance Policy

by Vilma Maki

Saving money on car insurance is not really that hard to do, especially if you do some research. One of the best forms of research you can do is looking up possible discounts you can get on your policy. If you can find all the discounts you qualify for and take advantage of them, you might end up saving a bundle on your rates. Here are some of the discounts you might be able to take advantage of on your auto insurance policy.

Good student discount

If you are currently in college and are getting good grades, you might qualify for a discount simply by submitting your most recent report card to your insurance agent. Good students get discounts simply because statistics show that good students have fewer accidents and file fewer claims than students who do not earn good grades.

Driver's education course discounts

Second, you could possibly get a discount simply by taking a driver's education or safety course and completing it. When you take a driver's course, the school will issue you a certificate that shows you completed the class. If you submit this to your insurance agency, you might instantly qualify for a discount. Additionally, taking a course like this could reduce points on your license if you have any, and you should talk to your agent about this if you have points on your license.

Military discount

If you are currently in the military, or if you were in the past, there is also a chance you could get a discount for this. If you meet this qualification, you may need to show proof that you were in the military, but that is all it would take to receive a military discount on your auto insurance.

Safety features on your vehicle

Certain types of cars are safer than other types, and the type of car you own might offer discounts simply because it offers safety features that other cars do not have. Safety features of cars keep you safer while driving and result in less damage to cars if they are involved in accidents, and this is why your insurance company may give you a discount just because your car has certain safety features.

If you want to save money on your car insurance, get quotes from auto companies such as JSE Insurance, and make sure you are getting credit for all the discounts you qualify for.


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