Understanding Insurance Terminology

Understanding Insurance Terminology

4 Ways Independent Insurance Agency Services Benefit You

by Vilma Maki

While shopping for insurance, many customers do not realize that the most popular insurance corporations are not their only options. While it may seem that these big companies may offer better rates due to their popularity, this is not always the case.

Independent insurance agency services are there to help you make the important decision of purchasing insurance for personal and commercial reasons. Instead of representing one company, an independent insurance agency is licensed as an agent for various companies.

If you are in the market for insurance coverage for yourself or your business, here are four reasons why you should consider independent insurance agency services to aid in your selection.

1. Offer Better Savings

By working with an independent agent, your chances of finding an insurance policy with the best coverage within your budget increase. Evaluating the services of multiple companies at different price points helps you select what best fits your budget. An independent agent may also recommend companies that offer special rates that cater to your personal needs or business that a conventional agent may not share.

2. Offer Better Guidance

An independent insurance agent offers you valuable advice without bias. Independent agents will not push one insurance company over another just because they represent them, but they will educate you on what is offered by the different insurance companies. While an agent may recommend one company over another, their recommendation is a result of an evaluation of your needs and not their allegiance to a particular company.  

3. Offer a Wide Selection

When dealing with a conventional insurance agent, they will inform you why their services are the best, cheapest, and most practical on the market without much comparison to their competitors. However, with an independent insurance agency, comparison shopping is not only common practice but encouraged. Knowing that you selected the best option for your needs based on solid choices helps you to be more confident in your decision.

4. Offer Better Customer Service

Because independent insurance agency services are not bound by the strict policies of a particular company, an independent agent is more accessible to offer better attention to your claims than a conventional insurance agent. If an insurance adjuster offers you a settlement that you are wary of, you can always consult with your independent agent to give their opinion and negotiate a better settlement if needed.

Overall, independent insurance agency services offer less pressure and more personal service before and after the sale. Because of this, more people are seeking the help of independent insurance agencies to purchase relevant insurance policies, according to their needs and at the best cost available.


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Understanding Insurance Terminology

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