Understanding Insurance Terminology

Understanding Insurance Terminology

Are You a High-Risk Driver? 4 Tips for Saving on Car Insurance Costs

by Vilma Maki

High-risk drivers often have a harder time getting car insurance. If you've received speeding tickets, a DUI, or other related driving issues in the past, you may be experiencing higher rates while shopping for car insurance

The good news is that you can still save on costly premiums by incorporating the right strategy. By adjusting your deductible, comparing prices, and knowing your limits of liability, you can significantly reduce monthly premiums. Here are some useful tips to consider. 

1. Consider Your Limits of Liability 

The limit of liability refers to how much your insurer will cover in the event of an accident. Insurance companies often break these into bodily injury limits, property damage limits, and compensation for pain and suffering. Setting lower limits will result in lower premiums. However, you may be liable for covering any differences that arise after your insurer fulfills a claim. 

Consider what your risks are, your driving habits, and how much your vehicle is worth. This information will help you select an appropriate limit of liability for your policy. 

2. Set a Higher Deductible 

Another useful tip is to set a higher deductible for your policy. Higher deductibles (such as $500) could reduce your premiums by as much as 30%. The key is to set aside some money to meet your deductible in case you ever need to make a claim. Combined with a safe driving record, you will save more money over time by paying lower premiums. 

3. Shop Around 

Comparing rates is one of the best strategies for saving money on car insurance costs. Shop around when looking for a policy, inquire about discounts, and seek out coverage options that are designed for high-risk drivers. 

For example, some insurers cater specifically to DUI drivers or drivers with lengthy records. They may also offer lower rates in return for a safe driving record, giving you more opportunities to save money down the road. Be patient and compare different policies before making a decision. 

4. Be Listed Under Someone Else's Policy 

If you're having trouble getting competitive rates, consider being listed under another person's policy. You can be the secondary driver under your spouse or sibling's insurance. While there may be some limitations to your driving freedom, being listed as a secondary driver could significantly reduce your monthly premiums. This is also a good idea if you're still working towards cleaning up your driving record. 


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Understanding Insurance Terminology

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