Understanding Insurance Terminology

Understanding Insurance Terminology

Buying Insurance Coverage for Your Moped or Scooter

by Vilma Maki

Mopeds and scooters can be popular options for commuting in urban and suburban areas. As with other motor vehicles, it is important to effectively insure these vehicles.

Myth: Insurance Is Not Important For Small Mopeds and Scooters

A common notion about moped insurance is that it is not particularly important due to the smaller size of the vehicles. However, a moped can still travel fast enough to cause significant injuries and property damage. As a result, it is necessary to make sure that you are investing in an insurance policy that will protect you from the financial consequences of these accidents. When individuals underestimate the amount of damage that their moped can cause, they may underinsure themselves, which can expose them to a risk of paying for some of the damages that they cause out of their own pockets.

Myth: The Insurance That You Purchase Will Only Protect You if You’re in an Accident

When buying insurance for your moped, it can be worth the costs to invest in a policy that offers comprehensive protection. This type of coverage can shield you from financial losses stemming from accidents involving uninsured motorists as well as other potential causes of damage to your moped. For example, comprehensive coverage can protect you if a large branch or entire tree falls on your moped while it is parked. Some of these policies can also provide coverage in situations where the moped was stolen or vandalized. While comprehensive coverage will have a higher cost than a basic liability policy, these additional protections can be valuable if you encounter some of the more common sources of damage or financial loss for moped owners.

Myth: It Will Be Extremely Costly to Properly Insure a Moped

Buying insurance for a traditional car can be fairly expensive. However, the policies that moped owners will need to purchase can be far more affordable. This is due to the relative lower damages that a moped is likely to cause in an accident. To further lower the cost of your moped insurance, you may be able to combine it with your homeowner's, renter's or standard auto insurance policies. When assessing whether to bundle, it is important to avoid compromising the quality of the coverage to slightly reduce the premium costs. Comparing the quality of the policies offered by your existing insurance carriers against those of other moped insurance providers can take some time, but it will enable you to choose the best balance between cost and coverage.

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Understanding Insurance Terminology

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