Understanding Insurance Terminology

Understanding Insurance Terminology

3 Things To Look For In A Mobile Home Insurance Plan

by Vilma Maki

Finding insurance for your mobile home is not quite the same as selecting a traditional home insurance policy. Since mobile homes tend to be more susceptible to damage from storms and differ in many ways from site-built homes, you'll likely need a mobile home insurance plan to protect your dwelling and belongings. While a mobile home may require a different insurance plan, the coverage options are similar to traditional home insurance policies. Here are three things you need to look for in a mobile home insurance policy. 

Ample Coverage For Your Needs

The first thing to consider is what type and how much coverage is necessary for your home. Mobile home insurance plans offer different coverage, including dwelling, personal property, personal liability, and medical payment coverage. What types of coverage you select will depend on your needs, but the more comprehensive the coverage, the better for most homeowners. When choosing coverage, consider how much it will cost to replace your mobile home and belongings and then go from there. Liability coverage is another crucial part of mobile home insurance, and you'll want to consider adding more to protect your assets. 

Affordable Premiums

When shopping around for mobile home insurance, finding affordable premiums is crucial. Factors that impact your rates include where you live, the size and age of your mobile home, whether you own the land where your home sits, and the types of coverage you select. Mobile home insurance policies range in price from $300 to $2,000 on average. Just like with traditional homeowner's insurance, you can save by looking for discounts, shopping around for a policy, and increasing your deductible. 

Customer Satisfaction

When shopping for a mobile home insurance plan, you will also want to look for an insurer that has a good reputation with its customers. When searching for an insurance company, look for good reviews, a solid financial standing, and good customer service. Friends and family can offer great recommendations for insurance companies. Many well-known insurers for quality home insurance policies also provide mobile home insurance plans. The more research you do before selecting a policy, the better.

If you are on the hunt for mobile home insurance, here's what to look for in a plan. First, make sure you find a policy that offers ample coverage for your needs. Second, you will want to consider affordability when selecting a mobile home insurance policy. Finally, make sure to choose an insurer with a good reputation and high levels of customer satisfaction. 


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Understanding Insurance Terminology

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