Understanding Insurance Terminology

Understanding Insurance Terminology

Who Might Need SR22 Insurance, And Why?

by Vilma Maki

You might have heard of SR22 insurance at some point, or you might have been told by a court or lawyer that you need to have SR22 insurance. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, this is not actually a special type of insurance policy. Instead, SR22 insurance refers to a certain form that has to be filed by your insurance company, based on requirements from the courts. This is done to help ensure that you constantly maintain liability insurance at all times. If you're wondering who might need SR22 insurance, consider these examples of times when people might be required to have this type of form.

You've Been Convicted of Driving Without a License

First of all, many people who are convicted of driving without a driver's license are required to secure SR22 insurance in order to get their license back and maintain it. This is often required because someone who has been convicted of driving without a license might be at a higher risk of breaking other serious driving laws, such as driving without insurance.

You've Been Convicted of Driving Without Insurance

You might be required to have car insurance in order to operate your vehicle legally in your state, since this is required in most places. However, people sometimes end up driving without a license for a few reasons. Your insurance might have lapsed without you realizing it, or you might have found yourself in a tough financial spot, so you might have skipped your insurance renewal payment. If you were convicted of driving without insurance -- particularly if you were involved in a car accident when you did not have insurance -- then you might be considered at a high risk of doing so again in the future. To help protect you and other drivers, your state might require you to have SR22 insurance for a set period of time.

You Have a Lot of Points on Your License

In many states, you can get points on your driver's license for all sorts of driving citations and tickets, including things like speeding or running a stop sign. If you have a lot of points on your license because of different driving issues, the courts might consider you a higher-risk driver. To help ensure that others are protected if you cause an accident because of dangerous and unlawful driving, for example, they might require you to have SR22 insurance until some of the points have fallen off of your driver's license.


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Understanding Insurance Terminology

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