Understanding Insurance Terminology

Understanding Insurance Terminology

  • Are You a High-Risk Driver? 4 Tips for Saving on Car Insurance Costs

    High-risk drivers often have a harder time getting car insurance. If you've received speeding tickets, a DUI, or other related driving issues in the past, you may be experiencing higher rates while shopping for car insurance.  The good news is that you can still save on costly premiums by incorporating the right strategy. By adjusting your deductible, comparing prices, and knowing your limits of liability, you can significantly reduce monthly premiums.

  • 4 Ways Independent Insurance Agency Services Benefit You

    While shopping for insurance, many customers do not realize that the most popular insurance corporations are not their only options. While it may seem that these big companies may offer better rates due to their popularity, this is not always the case. Independent insurance agency services are there to help you make the important decision of purchasing insurance for personal and commercial reasons. Instead of representing one company, an independent insurance agency is licensed as an agent for various companies.

  • When Can You Drop From Full-Coverage To Liability Only?

    Auto insurance is a vital part of every driver's life. If you drive, you need coverage, and you also need coverage if you own a car that you do not drive. Auto insurance is vital for every car owner and driver, but the types of coverages you need varies. If you currently have a policy that provides collision and comprehensive coverages, you have a full coverage auto insurance policy. There may come a time when you do not need this much coverage, though.

  • Need Home Insurance? The Information You Need to Gather

    If you are buying a home and need homeowner's insurance, you will want to get quotes from a few different companies to find the best premium and service that fits your needs. Before you start calling insurance companies or filling out forms, you will want to make sure you have all the information you will need to submit a quote ready to go. Personal Information To start with, you are going to be asked to provide personal information.

  • Great Advantages Of Offering Group Health Insurance To Employees

    If you have a business with a small- to medium-sized work force, then planning out insurance is important. The options are in abundance today, but one that's catching on with a lot of companies is group health insurance. Getting it for your employees can help in these ways. More Affordable Rates The main issue with health insurance today is the fact that many policies are extremely expensive. That can make your employees feel a lot of pressure, who probably don't have an unlimited budget for health insurance, as they have other things to cover.

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Understanding Insurance Terminology

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